Project Management

Need to complete mission critical projects fast? Paul's LLC has been successfully leading projects for more than 5 years. We can help you document the project requirements, develop a realistic schedule, and manage the project through completion. Our proven ability to deliver quality results on schedule has made us one of the top project management firms in the region.


Financial Analysis

Companies are always looking for ways to improve profitability of their business. Paul's LLC has deep experience in reviewing the financials of a business and discovering areas that greatly impact profitability. We’ve helped hundreds of companies achieve financial success through careful analysis, strategic planning, and a client-centered approach that produces results.


Office Space Planning

Businesses must adapt to meet their changing space requirements. Companies all over thus find themselves having to expand, contract, or relocate their offices every so often. Paul's LLC is the leader in helping companies optimize space utilization. We can assist you in determining the total square footage required, review requirements against specific floor plans, and then map out the actual location of people, furniture, and other equipment.

Paul's LLC, A Nevada Company


Paul McGucken
302 E. Washington St. #119
San Diego CA 92103-2110
United States (619) 786-7578
We are cash buyers and sellers of wholesale real estate investments. Since we are investors who buy at deep discount, we must see profitability first. We won't waste time driving around town and peering into windows. We don't want to see the property until our offer is accepted and we have a contract. No matter how beautiful a property is or could have been, we strive to conclude transactions ethically, morally and legally for all concerned. If we place an offer with you, we are prepared to support our amount and timeline.


We run into great, no, amazing deals all the time. So we usually have a remedy for your situation. If you are a retail buyer who has great credit, stable job history, 20% down, and want exact colors and textures, we probably aren't a good fit. We will refer you to a State Licensed Real Estate Agent. We know many fine ones. We try to have enough resources on hand to help as many folks as possible - be it ready cash to to buy your house so you can move on with your goals or a property we own to sell you in an area you've selected. Lease options are also a great alternative for some people with stable work and income and just a small down payment. You can live in your home while your nest egg grows. When your lease is up, you exercise your option to buy your home at the pre-arranged price. Please let us know of your criteria so we will keep an eye out for the perfect investment! -- Paul

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